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“The house is the same size as the world; or rather, it is the world.”
Jorge Luis Borges. The House of Asterion (1947)

“I chose to become an architect in order to build a roof over people’s head, rather than palaces for kings.” This short sentence summarizes 27 years of study, research and architectural work, conducted within a variety of diverse frameworks.  Daniel Azerrad Architects’ Office was established with the aim of creating residential culture at a standard and quality suited to each and every person.

The office operates with a young, vibrant, and talented team and this enables us to invest deeply in all stages of each project.  Through deep analysis, we aspire to explore beyond the obvious and to make the best use of all available creative media. We offer functional designs of high quality that are aesthetic both for those who live in the buildings as well as the environment. 

The past 20 years of architectural activity has included different projects both for leading public institutions and private initiatives in Israel. Our clients included: Ben Gurion University, Friends of the IDF, the Defense Ministry of Construction Division, Habas Group and Canada-Israel.

The firm is currently involved in setting up many projects – mostly residential - for leading entrepreneurs. Our clients include (among others) Sofrin- Fndom, GLM Israel, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Ministry of Housing.

I spent part of 2011 in Barcelona (Spain) completing my master’s degree, specializing in urban design and residential culture. My thesis contributed greatly to my professional development and opened my eyes to broader horizons which enrich and inform the daily work at the office. During my studies in Barcelona, contacts were made with professionals with whom I collaborate today in Israel.

Over the years, I’ve combined academic activity with architectural work. This balance requires staying up to date with international developments and trends and incorporating this knowledge in the projects that I create. Over the past twenty years I have also lectured in various forums and have been involved in various exhibitions both in Israel and internationally.

The concept of “A Boutique Atelier” aptly describes the spirit of our office: A small, high-quality team of architects working on selected projects paying maximum attention to each and every detail while engaging in an on-going dialogue with our clients.



  • Daniel Azerrad 

  • Hila David

  • Noya Moran Gur

Team Since 2015 : 
Keren Gabso, Shoham Ben Hamo, Itzik Ohana, Neama Aricha, Eden Seadia Twili, Dor Shaul, Tami Basal, Andrea Strinsleger, Mia Jaffe, Udi Amoyal, Danel Wazana, Nathan Benarroch,  Ohad Azmoni, Barbara Kaplan.

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