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CJH Apartment



This 150 square meter apartment is situated on the top floor of a renovated six floor building in the city of Raanana, a suburb of Tel Aviv. On October 2019, a young French couple that purchased the apartment came to our office with the wish of turning this space into a new "home" for them. We spent a long afternoon talking about their daily family life, Paris, the experiences of their first year after moving to Israel three years ago, about their kids and finally the love they have for music and a black piano they brought with them all the way from France. When visiting the apartment, we encountered a layout that was generic and impersonal.     

We decided that the piano would become the center of the apartment, like its role in their lives. Upon entering through the front door, one encounters the opening space which is defined by an American walnut library that embraces the beautiful piano and its accompanying wood bench. This space it is simultaneously the entrance "foyer" and "the music room", becoming the intermediate space between the public and private realms. From this lobby one opens a 90/245 cm door giving access to a private space, but three 300/185 cm sliding doors actually define the boundary of the "public" area. When opening these large doors one can convert the music room into a stage for private concerts on Friday evenings for family and close friends

A big 75" LED screen became the center of public space. The living room, dining room and kitchen share a common open area.

Daniel Azerrad Architects

Team: Daniel Azerrad, Hila David (Arch. In charge), Shoham Ben Hemo, Keren Dekel, Barbara Kaplan, Shaden Houri.

Photographer: Oded Smadar.





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