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DA Architects Office



The space we work in should, on the one hand, represent the architect's world view and be the place in which he feels most comfortable while simultaneously containing marketing features.

The office's space consists of 40 sq/m with a height of 3 meters. Light penetrates from a single window located in the north wall. The window is 1.5 high, reaching the ceiling and is 4 meters wide.

The program was simple – a division into 3 types of spaces – a space dedicated to discourse and thoughts, a space that engenders a creative and productive process, and a space for life's basic needs.

The concept consists of a relationship between colors and walls; the orange color and the warm light represent the space and the discourse, the white color represents creativity, the green color is where we make our food and the washroom is colored in a deep gray with minimal lighting.

The layout consists of two basic types of walls: An extant constructed wall with two layers of corrugated plastic sheeting, 6 mm width, which defines the border between the two cubicles. The material and the color of the corrugated plastic sheeting; transparent orange and matte white, accentuate depth and enable the penetration of natural lighting within the wall. The second wall is 2 meters high and 40 cm deep, and contains plans, books and documents therein. This wall creates a division within each cubicle. The idea behind the plan was low cost interior design which became an architectural challenge. The planning and the construction was executed in 2015.



Daniel Azerrad Architects

Team: Daniel Azerrad, Keren Gabso

Photographer: Michal Sela

Planning and Construction: 2015.

Construction stuff: Yanir Azerrad, Yoav Azerrad, Daniel Azerrad.



  • AIQ - Project of the Year 2017 - Interior Design Category - DA OFFICE - Third Place.


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