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HMN 35 - Hahashmonaim 

Residential Building



The building is located at the end of a street, in an urban corner - on the municipal boundary between Ramat Gan and Givatayim, thus the corner " becomes the main issue we wanted to discuss through this project.

The project tries to pay respect to that corner, and thus to be part of its unique location.

The corner is characterized by a rounded line, accentuated by a white skin with neat vertical lines that gives a sense of height and elegance to the building.

On the ground level the natural topography carves out the surface drawing free lines.

A 3.5-meter-high glass box that opens towards the street, the city and its residents functions as a city lantern especially in the evening.

The color is accompanied by a diagonal wall that emphasizes the unique location of the project - the edge of the city of Ramat Gan.  The city of Givatayim  begins beyond the color, and the sky begins above the color.

Daniel Azerrad Architects

Team: Daniel Azerrad, Shoham Ben Hamo (Arch. In charge), Hila David, Andrea Strinsleger.

Constractor: GLM Israel

Render: Totem

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