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MAOZ AVIV - Residential Quarter




The Maoz Aviv neighborhood is one of Tel Aviv's delightful locations. To anyone who by chance wandered into the neighborhood, it would appear as though he had drifted away from the busy city to a calm and tranquil place. Long White buildings are surrounded by green spaces. Aged trees shade the peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Elderly residents of the neighborhood accompanied by their caretakers and resting under the trees are part of Maoz Aviv’s scenery. Young mothers taking care of their babies and school children on their bicycles pass along the greened path. An examination of the neighborhood gives one a sense of a community engaged in a clear orientation towards maintaining sustainability; there is a public park adjacent to kindergartens as well as an ecological garden located beyond the "Rapidim" Road, in the area designated for an agricultural purpose. Areas for the collection of organic waste / food residues for composting are always situated at the end of each residential building. There are intimate little corners in common green outdoor spaces behind the houses, informal benches among trees, personal gardens, wooden houses, and wind chimes. These are some of the qualities that give the public realm a sense of an internal courtyard, initiated by the residents. Everything is clean, kept up, well taken care of and considerate of the

environment and its inhabitants.

A strong sense of place (the Genius loci) for those walking around the neighborhood engenders a feeling of an urban "kibbutz" - even by those who have not read the book by Dan Yahav, a resident of the neighborhood, who tells the story of the place and the story of the Housing Association Cooperative Society that was established in the early 1950s and that exists and operates today.



The expansion of the neighborhood and the addition of residential units in the spirit of sustainable multi-systemic-environmental-socio-economic development using advanced technologies -  while preserving existing buildings, open spaces, and the connection between them and the user / community life. The proposed development must be vigorously connected to the neighborhood's values in its stage of original creation, and to its physical-organizational-social structure (see Cooperative Society).




Daniel Azerrad Architects

In Collaboration: Arch. Lilach Gibori

Client: Iriat Tel Aviv-Yaffo

Render: Daniel Azerrad Architects



  • Ot Hitzov - Israeli Design Award 2016 - Urban Design Category - Maoz Aviv TLV - Finalist. 


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