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TeC - The Technological Center



This project is located in a district north of the port city of Ashdod. The site is part of a complex of educational buildings. The original building, designed by Architect Itzhak Perelshtein, served a secondary school. In recent years, only a third of the building continued to function as secondary school, while the rest was abandoned.

Intervening in an existing project presents a great dilemma. When approaching this great 1960s brutalist structure, the goal was to consciously create a new historical layer. Our strategy was to reuse the original building in a way that is responsible, respectable, generous and unique.

The Technological Center is a new initiative of the Ministry of Education that seeks to revive old abandoned schools with a new educational program composed of laboratories and workshops that promotes research in various fields- biotechnology, robotics, sustainable energy- classrooms' offices and a multi-purpose room.

The original partition was classic: a covered central patio surrounded by hallways and classrooms facing the outside. For the spaces facing to the south elevation (extremely hot for most of the year) we proposed to move the hallway to the south façade and in this way the laboratories would face the central space. The hallway serves as a heat protector and can also be used as an intermediate space for students. The laboratories and classrooms face the north, enjoy soft light and are completely glazed.

In the heart of the atrium we locate the multi-purpose room. A box with a Danpal red skin, it is conceived as an allegory to technology. The grey concrete, with its aesthetics of imperfection, is contrasted by the red box, shiny, reflective and perfectly smooth. The box, slightly rotated, creates a subtle gesture in order to break the orthogonality of the structure.

The interior façade was created by closing the open hallways with a UGLASS-profile glazed skin.

We created a porch that is also used as a shadowed space to define an access space. The new exterior skin is made up of two layers: the first is an HPL skin with colors ranging from white to gray through warm yellows to red. The second is an exposed concrete brise soleil structured in independent rhythms. The outer skin has depth and when it meets the sun a new dimension is created.

Each floor is characterized by a specific color. Green at the entrance, violet on first floor and yellow on second, while the handrail leads us to the corresponding colors.

Two new functions were added: vertical circulation and bomb shelters. The "tower" of the elevators and that of the shelters, mostly blind facades, were placed in the north of the building, which is also its rear, while the new emergency stairs were placed at the entrance.

The existing trees on the site provided the structure for the landscape design, which was composed of benches under the generous shade of the trees, flooring connecting the exterior spaces with the access porch, and carefully chosen vegetation in the green spaces under the trees.


3,100 sqm.


Ashdod Town Hall.



Daniel Azerrad Architects

Team: Daniel Azerrad, Hila David, Shoham Ben Hamo,Noya Moran, Danel Vasana,

Itzik Ohayon.

Structure Engineer: Eran Schiller.

Project Maneger: Miky Gronsky.

Contractor: Sh.A.Y. Enterprises & Investment Ltd.

HVAC Consultant: Eyal Niv.

Concrete Conservation Consultant: Luis Bosernitzan.

Landscape Architecture: Noga Alter.

Fire Safety Consultant: Dany Levin.

Electrical Engineer: G.B. Engenier Ltd.

Acoustic Engineer: B.G.Acoustic Consultants.

Photogapher: Amit Geron.

Year: 2019-2023


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